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The Most Powerful Anti-Inflammatory Tea You’ve Never Tried

Did you know America has a native tea plant? It’s called a yaupon. Or a yaupon holly bush to be exact. It grows pretty much everywhere south of North Carolina to eastern Texas. It’s an evergreen that prefers drought conditions. We’re not talking tolerates well; it likes drought conditions. You can recognize it by its dark green leaves and bright red berries. The scientific name is ilex vomitoria – a name that is false in basis (misnomer) since yaupon doesn’t cause vomiting. The history behind the name is kind of neat and definitely worth knowing.


A thousand years ago, Native American traders dried, packed and shipped the leaves all the way to Cahokia, a mound city near the Missouri and Mississippi rivers. It was widely traveled and used in purification rituals – ones that sometimes involved purging (hence, vomitus). A naturalist in 1775 said the Cherokee called the yaupon “the beloved tree.” Early settlers exported yaupon to Europe.

Yaupon joined legions of herbal teas – though unlike most herbal teas, it packs a mild punch of caffeine and theobromine (the chemical stimulant in dark chocolate). This natural combination gives a mild buzz without the jitters.

So, other than being the only North American plant to contain caffeine, what are the benefits of drinking yaupon? …

Health Benefits

Tests performed on the chemical structure on the yaupon have indicated that it possess antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Tests have proven that yaupon can reduce your risk of colon cancer.

Colon cancer

There are two chemicals in yaupon that decrease risk of cancer in a healthy colon. These chemical compounds are called quercetin and kaempferol 3-rutinosides. It’s these two chemicals, which contain antioxidants and the anti-inflammatory properties. By reducing inflammation, you cut the risk of colon cancer.


Are excellent to help prevent aging and ending the damage free radicals can cause to the body. People who consume less antioxidants are more likely to develop chronic illness.

Environmental Benefits

Coffee bean and traditional tea leaf harvesting are notorious for rainforest devastation, soil damage, pollution, and questionable worker conditions. The United States harvests yaupon. This reduces the environmental impact that results from the production of foreign coffee beans or traditional tea leaves. Also, our packaging is simple. It’s made in Kentucky of 100% recycled material and is guaranteed to never affect the nutritional quality of our product.

Locally Harvested

Yaupon is native to the United States and grows wild in the southeastern region and along the gulf coast. When you buy our tea you are also supporting local growers, harvesters, and businesses. Investing in a local practice supports community businesses and helps to reduce negative environmental and economic impacts. Buying our tea, as opposed to traditional tea leaves or coffee beans, means decreased carbon emission, local job creation, increased transparency, and a boost for the local economy.

Brazos Natural Yaupon Tea
Brazos Natural Yaupon Tea
Brazos Natural Yaupon Tea
Brazos Natural Yaupon Tea