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About Yaupon

The United States’ only natural source of caffeine, yaupon easily replaces coffee for many Americans. With its pleasant taste, yaupon tea holds more benefits than green tea (its main competitor in teas). Benefits from drinking yaupon tea were discovered by Native Americans, who used it for medicinal purposes. Yaupon tea could very well be the only true “100% Made in America” caffeinated beverage.

Natural Sweetness

The caffeine content of a yaupon leaf is about 1%, like the popular yerba mate from South America, which is used in coffee and teas. Yaupon has the upper hand when it comes to tastes, though. While both have a good taste, yaupon is often described as sweeter and more pleasant. The reason for the difference in taste is the fact that there is no tannin in yaupon tea, so there is no bitter aftertaste. Yaupon Holly contains 3,000-9,000 ppm of caffeine and 500-3,000 ppm of theobromine. All natural!

Proven Health Benefits

A recent Texas A&M Department of Nutrition and Food Science study has revealed many natural health benefits in yaupon holly. Below are some of the report’s findings and other benefits:

  • Anti-inflammatory and chemo preventive effects
  • Natural source of antioxidants (up to 100% that of green tea)
  • Yaupon tea is naturally sweet tea
  • Natural source of caffeine (native to the United States)
  • Yaupon holly remains stable when in storage several times longer than green tea, retaining its natural benefits for an extended period.

Benefits of Yaupon Holly Tea

Toggle below to see some of the many benefits of Yaupon:

Antioxidants are crucial in helping protect the body from harmful molecules which are known as “free radicals.” Free radicals are not only produced by the body when breaking down sugar and medicine, but they are also present in environmental pollution. Free radicals can lead to health complications such as cardiovascular disease and cancer. Studies have shown that certain strands of the yaupon plant can contain up to 100 times more antioxidants than standard green tea leaves. The benefits of these antioxidants are linked to an inhibition of colon cancer, cardiovascular disease, and are also useful in nutritional supplements.

Not only are antioxidants present, but if you’re also looking for your morning jolt, fear not. Yaupon tea provides a caffeine content comparable to that of green or black teas. In fact, the Yaupon plant is the highest caffeine-producing plant native to North America. Native Americans and settlers alike used the caffeine properties of this plant centuries ago.

Much like coffee and traditional teas, yaupon holly tea contains polyphenols. Polyphenols are one of the most abundant antioxidants present in our diet. Polyphenols can help decrease inflammation, and help in the prevention of cardiovascular disease, cancer, and a multitude of neurodegenerative diseases.

The biggest difference in buying our tea as opposed to traditional coffee or tea is the environmental benefit. Coffee bean and traditional tea leaf harvesting are notorious for rainforest devastation, soil damage, pollution, and questionable worker conditions. The United States harvests yaupon. This reduces the environmental impact that results from the production of foreign coffee beans or traditional tea leaves. Also, our packaging is simple. It’s made of 100% recycled material and is guaranteed to never affect the nutritional quality of our product.

Yaupon is native to the United States and grows wild in the southeastern region and along the gulf coast. When you buy our tea you are also supporting local growers, harvesters, and businesses. Investing in a local practice supports community businesses and helps to reduce negative environmental and economic impacts. Buying our tea, as opposed to traditional tea leaves or coffee beans, means decreased carbon emission, local job creation, increased transparency, and a boost for the local economy.

Brazos Packaging

Our tea is packaged in paper bags, made in Kentucky from 100% recycled material! One of the great things about Yaupon Tea is that it doesn’t matter what you store it in — the antioxidants do not deteriate, nor does the flavor.

Brazos Natural Yaupon Tea

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